Day 1 – Tuesday, November 17th 2020
Moderator: Judit Bayer

15:00Greetings and introductionBernd Holznagel (ITM), Judit Bayer (Schumann Fellow, ITM), Päivi Korpisaari, (University of Helsinki), Jan Kalbhenn (ITM)
 Laws and rules against hate speech 
15:15Hate speech and targeting individuals online –
a new challenge for criminal law
access the slides here
Päivi Korpisaari –
Kristiina Koivukari (University of Helsinki)
15:35The risk of hate speech at work – employers’
responsibilities to prevent and respond
access the slides here
Enni Ala-Mikkula (University of Helsinki)
15:55The gender perspective of online hate speech
access the slides here
Elfa Ýr Gylfadóttir
(Reykjavík, Icelandic Media Authority)
16:15The Canadian PerspectiveRichard Janda (McGill University)
Day 2 – Tuesday, November 24th 2020
Moderator: Judit Bayer
 Enforcement of laws   
15:00Enforcement of hate speech lawsNikolaus Forgó (University of Vienna)
15:15Negotiating new audiovisual rules to Video Sharing Platforms: proposals for a Responsive Governance Model of speech onlineKrisztina Rozgonyi (University of Vienna)
16:00New tools in NetzDG amendment
access the slides here
Maximilian Hemmert-Halswick (FH Westküste)
16:15Platform Self-Regulation: The New Trend
access the slides here
Bernd Holznagel/ Jan Kalbhenn (University of Münster)

Day 3 – Thursday, November 26th 2020
Moderator: Jan Kalbhenn

 Toolbox and limits of application 
15:00 Introducing the Statutory Duty of CareLorna Woods (University of Essex)
15:15Human Rights Framework of Platform RegulationElena Dodonova (Council of Europe)
15:55Limits on Platform Regulation by Human Rights
access the slides here
Irini Katsirea (University of Sheffield)
16:10Big Tech becoming Digital States
access the slides here
Sofia Ranchordas (University of Groningen) and Giovanni De Gregorio (University of Milano-Bicocca)
16:25Platform duties and responsibilities
access the slides here
Judit Bayer (ITM Münster)

Day 4 – Tuesday, January 19th 2021
Moderator: Jan Kalbhenn

 Artificial Intelligence in dealing with illegal content 
15:00TBAProf. Joris van Hoboken (University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Brussels)
15:15AI impact on human rights and content moderation during the COVID-19 pandemic and US general electionsTrisha Meyer (Vrije Universiteit Brussels)
15:30Facebook’s use of AI in dealing with copyrighted contentNastasia Bach, Maria-Terese Weber (Facebook, Co.)-TBC
16:15The Salt in the Platform Soup: Revisiting AI in Content Governance and Ads DeliveryMatthias Kettemann (Hans-Bredow-Institut)
16:30AI and media – the proposals of the Inquiry Commission on AI Bernd Holznagel (University of Münster)
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