Day 1 – Tuesday, November 17th 2020
Moderator: Judit Bayer

15:00Greetings and introductionBernd Holznagel (ITM), Judit Bayer (Schumann Fellow, ITM), Päivi Korpisaari, (University of Helsinki), Jan Kalbhenn (ITM)
 Laws and rules against hate speech 
15:15Hate speech and targeting individuals online –
a new challenge for criminal law
access the slides here
Päivi Korpisaari –
Kristiina Koivukari (University of Helsinki)
15:35The risk of hate speech at work – employers’
responsibilities to prevent and respond
access the slides here
Enni Ala-Mikkula (University of Helsinki)
15:55The gender perspective of online hate speech
access the slides here
Elfa Ýr Gylfadóttir
(Reykjavík, Icelandic Media Authority)
16:15The Canadian Perspective
access the slides here
Richard Janda (McGill University)
Day 2 – Tuesday, November 24th 2020
Moderator: Judit Bayer
 Enforcement of laws   
15:00Enforcement of hate speech laws
access the slides here
Nikolaus Forgó (University of Vienna)
15:15Negotiating new audiovisual rules to Video Sharing Platforms: proposals for a Responsive Governance Model of speech online
access the slides here
Krisztina Rozgonyi (University of Vienna)
16:00New tools in NetzDG amendment
access the slides here
Maximilian Hemmert-Halswick (FH Westküste)
16:15Platform Self-Regulation: The New Trend
access the slides here
Bernd Holznagel/ Jan Kalbhenn (University of Münster)

Day 3 – Thursday, November 26th 2020
Moderator: Jan Kalbhenn

 Toolbox and limits of application 
15:00 Introducing the Statutory Duty of CareLorna Woods (University of Essex)
15:15Human Rights Framework of Platform Regulation
access the slides here
Elena Dodonova (Council of Europe)
15:55Limits on Platform Regulation by Human Rights
access the slides here
Irini Katsirea (University of Sheffield)
16:10Big Tech becoming Digital States
access the slides here
Sofia Ranchordas (University of Groningen) and Giovanni De Gregorio (University of Milano-Bicocca)
16:25Platform duties and responsibilities
access the slides here
Judit Bayer (ITM Münster)

Day 4 – Tuesday, January 19th 2021
Moderator: Judit Bayer

 Artificial Intelligence in dealing with illegal and harmfull content 
15:00AI, human rights and content moderation during the COVID-19 pandemic and US general elections
access the slides here
Trisha Meyer (Vrije Universiteit Brussels)
15:15Automated tools of content management (?)Meg Chang (Facebook)
15:45The Salt in the Platform Soup: Revisiting AI in Content Governance and Ads Delivery
access the slides here
Matthias C. Kettemann (Leibniz-Institute for Media Research | Hans-Bredow-Institut)
16:15AI in platformregulation – TBC
access the slides here
Olga Batura (Ecorys)
16:45Closing remarks

Day 5 – Tuesday, 23rd February 2021

Platform and Media Regulation – New Trends in Western Democracies
Moderator: Judit Bayer and Jan Kalbhenn (Münster)

12:00 a.m. German time
10:00 p.m. Australian time
6:00 a.m. US time
11:00 a.m. UK time
Time (GER)TitleSpeaker
12:00Australia: New Regulatory Approaches and the Reaction of the Platforms
access the slides here
Faith Gordon, Australian National University Canberra (AU)  
12:15Regulation of Online Platforms in the UK Lorna Woods, Essex University (UK)
12:30Regulation of Online Platforms in EU and GER
access the slides here
Bernd Holznagel, University of Münster (GER)
1.05The U.S. PerspectiveEllen Goodman, Rutgers Law School, New Jersey (USA)
1.20New Broadcasting Bill in CanadaMichael Geist, University of Ottawa (CAN)
1.55Closing Remarks
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